Who we are and what we do

This blog is fed by former and present members of the Biostatistics and Population Biology team at Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive in Montpellier, France. Future members are welcome 😉 Briefly speaking, our group is interested in developing and applying quantitative methods in population biology. To better apprehend the temporal and spatial scales, we have adopted the adage « there is no population dynamics without models ». Modeling is relevant to address questions in population conservation and management (wolves, lynx, wild boars, cormorants, albatrosses, …) as well as in evolutionary biology to assess life-history trade-offs, quantify the response to selection or describe senescence patterns (gulls, flamingos, blue tits, …).

Why we blog

It all started with this paper that we wrote altogether. We felt it was a tremendous experience along which we learnt a lot from each other. This blog is an attempt to make this spirit leave. We do not pretend to do what is done elsewhere (see the list of blogs we follow) as we will never do as well as they do. Instead, this blog should be seen as the mere showcase of how we like to do science by discussing, sharing, arguing, … Please, email us if interested in working with us.

What we blog about

Scientific papers, advices for students, conservation biology, ecology, how we see and do science, R tricks, …

Why the ‘boulet’ team

To be part of the team, you have to prove yourself. Each one of us has a story to tell about a funny situation in which he / she acted like a goof; hence the goof team. A few examples are: get locked outsite your car naked, wait for an hour and blame the person who is supposed to pick you up while you are at the wrong meeting point, leave the room of your Master defense before hearing the questions the jury has to ask, forget about a lecture you have to give and come to the lab as if everything is normal, … We guess you start seeing the spirit…

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