Matrix population models workshop in Montpellier – 24-27 March 2014

ImageWe’ll be running a workshop on matrix population models with applications in population conservation and management in March 2014 in Montpellier. Check out the website!!

Check out the website !!


Capture-recapture workshop in Montpellier – 17-21 March 2014

ImageWe’ll be running our annual workshop in March 2014 in Montpellier. It’ll be about capture-recapture models seen under the hidden Markov modelling prism (aka multievent models) and their implementation in the E-SURGE software. The usual team is involved, plus Dave Koons as our guest star.

Check out the website !!


ISEC 2014 abstract submission now open!

logo_isec_rvb_100dpiDear all,

Authors are now invited to submit an abstract for their presentation or poster for the fourth biennial International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC2014), to be held 1-4 July 2014 in Montpellier France, at:

This conference will convene experts from around the world to present and discuss issues of interest to ecological statisticians and biologists.
We will hold sessions focused upon mark-recapture methods, distance sampling methods, other abundance estimation techniques, monitoring of biodiversity, survey design and analysis for estimating population trends, modelling of spatial trends in animal density, integrated population modelling, stochastic population dynamics modelling, stochastic multispecies modelling, individual-based model fitting, and stochastic modelling of animal movement.

We have a tremendous group of plenary speakers:
Marti Anderson (New Zealand). Some solutions to the Behrens-Fisher problem for multivariate ecological data.
Mark Beaumont (UK). Statistical inference for complicated models in ecology and evolutionary biology.
Ben Bolker (Canada). Statistical machismo vs common sense: when are new methods worthwhile?
Nicholas Gotelli (USA). The Well-Tempered Assemblage: Reducing Bias in the Estimation of Species Rank Abundance Distributions.
Jean-Dominique Lebreton (France). The interplay of relevance and generalization in Biostatistics.
Perry de Valpine (USA). Bayesians, frequentists, and pragmatists: the interaction of methods and software
Chris Wikle (USA). Ecological Prediction with High-Frequency ‘Big Data’ Covariates.
Simon Wood (UK). Statistical methods for non-linear ecological dynamic models.

There will also be pre-conference workshops within the area of ecological statistics taking place 28 June to 1 July.

Please place the dates of this conference into your diaries (1-4 July 2012) and visit the conference website for updates.

Best regards,
The ISEC2014 Local Organizing Committee